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Tiffany and Daniel | A KC Firestone Building Wedding

Tiffany and Daniel had a beautiful, classy bohemian wedding at the Firestone Building in Kansas City, MO. This is a wedding I (Cate) had been looking forward to since the moment I first met Tiffany. She walked in to our studio with her incredible coordinator, Jessica Woolery. Her eyes lit up when she spoke about the story of meeting her fianc√© in their old apartment complex (she thought he was cute so she played the role of the cute, single neighbor and kept asking him to help her with moving-in things) and also about her super busy life. When she started mentioning everything she had on her plate I was not surprised she asked Jessica to help her: she took care of everything and told Tiffany (and Daniel) where they needed to be and when… so, needless to say, I couldn’t wait to see everything come together!

Boy-oh-boy DID IT come together! Tiffany and Daniel’s wedding was perfect…from the decor to the drinks to the weather. Her dress was stunning, his orange-lined coat was a surprise, and their smiles and laughs the entire night were contagious!


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