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Kilmer Wedding at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Kansas City

The story goes back to 2007 at Kansas State University. Traci Shannon and Sean met through mutual friends and they flirted with each other, but neither of them realized it, and they went their separate ways. Flash forward to Memorial Day weekend in 2010 and Traci Shannon had an internship in Dallas but she was home in Kansas City for the holidays visiting her family and friends. All day long her friend was asking her to come to a pool party and she kept putting it off… until 10pm. When she finally showed up, everyone was having a pretty good time and she started talking to Sean. They continued talking until 6am, when she finally convinced him to let her drive him home (his best friend has borrowed his car) and she returned back to Dallas for her internship without his number. A few days later he messaged her on Facebook, two weeks later he visited her in Dallas, and two years later he took her family out to dinner (without her) to ask their permission for Sean to move to Dallas with her. But Traci Shannon always knew she was going to marry Sean, so when he said, “I heard you want input on your engagement ring” as she had a bite of chicken sandwich in her mouth, she was so excited. He told her to go shopping for rings and she just didn’t find what she wanted, so she drew it on a post-it note… which her mom somehow managed to take when she wasn’t looking and gave it to Sean. He had the ring custom made through a jewelry designer in Houston (all via email, without ever seeing a picture of the final ring!) and sent it to his parent’s house because he had an idea: he was going to propose on Christmas eve. You see, there’s a tradition in the Yost household. Every Christmas Eve Traci Shannon sits under the Christmas tree and reads The Polar Express. The bell is stored in the same place it has been for years: a little pink Barbie box. When she opened it up she not only found the bell, but also the ring. His dad was the only person who knew (besides Sean of course).
This isn’t a story we typically tell for our wedding posts, but it’s important to the details of Traci Shannon and Sean’s wedding day.
Every detail in this wedding had a story. The ribbon sticks the guests shook during the grand entrance of the wedding party at the reception had a bell on top of them, representing the bell from their proposal story. The 3 triangles on the pocket of Sean’s jacket matched the 3 triangles on her dress (which is funny, because that’s the one thing he cared about and she kept telling him to trust her, as it would all make sense as she walked down the aisle), the pockets of the groomsmen matched the back of the bridesmaids dresses, the design of the cake and the focus on circles is based on her dress, and light pink has always been her favorite color as it makes her feel calm and happy. But there’s even more to pink: Sean’s mom is a breast cancer survivor. The candy bar had mints wrapped in the pink breast cancer ribbon, and in lieu of giving their guests favors to take home, they made a donation to the Susan G. Komen foundation with the amount of money they would have spent on favors.
The highlight of the bride’s day was seeing her dad and her Papa for the first time. Her 91 year-old grandfather is legally blind but he can still see in his peripheral vision. Because of this (and the fact that she kept her dress a secret from everyone except her mom and the vendors who needed to see it for inspiration!), she wanted him to see her before she walked down the aisle. He said, “all I see is a white cloud, but I know you’re beautiful”. Having that moment with him and with her dad was so special.
Their day was perfect. Traci Shannon worked on the planning while in Dallas with her mom in Kansas City and they have a 3 inch binder full of all of their hard work to pull it all together. She said their relationship and their constant communication about the entire day is what helped tremendously with that.  All of the little details had so much meaning, the dress was STUNNING, the Maid-of-Honors speech (er, song) was perfect (as was the best man’s speech, which was made so much better when he spoke from his heart!), and no one had to drive home after the reception, which is why they chose the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Enjoy the photos from this beautiful Kansas City wedding!
Vendors who helped make this wedding day perfect at the Crowne Plaza Hotel:
Month of Planner: Michelle Layman (Events by Elle)
Event Coordinator at the Crowne Plaza: Libby Huff
Video and DJ: Ted Kurzdorfer (Complete Music and Video)
Florist: Jillian Sharlow (The Vintage Petal)
Cake: Andrea Adams (Classic Cakes)
Invitations: Susie Azorsky (First Impression)
Officiate: Pastor Jeffrey Kirby with the Church of the Resurrection
Photographer: John DePrisco and Calvin McGuire (DePrisco Photo)
Photobooth: Open air photo booth (The Photo Bus)


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  • July 22, 2014 - 6:45 am

    Ben & Liza Mead - We enjoyed sharing your most special day with you, Sean & Traci Shannon, in thoughts & prayers. These beautiful pictures helped us feel like we were there to celebrate from across the country! We continue to wish you all the best for a lifetime of love.

    Your cousins,
    Ben & Liza Mead
    Raleigh, NCReplyCancel

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