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How much?
The answer to this question depends on what type of photography you’re inquiring about. The reason you’re looking for a photographer is hopefully because you want someone to document a time in your life when you will be making memories and you know that over time these memories will fade and you don’t want them to. You want to show your grandkids the exact shade of sangria (not to be confused with purple!) bridesmaids dresses, or the way their mom’s tongue stuck out when she was working on an art project, or the look in their grandpa’s eyes when their mom was born. These moments are almost impossible to have a price tag, but they do because of our experience and approach to telling your story through photographs.
On average, our wedding photography clients spend around $3000, birth stories around $1000, and family sessions around $500.

Wait… begins at? What does that mean?
This means you get more than just us showing up with cameras to tell your story! If you really like our work, please don’t let the price scare you away because you get more things with that price. With that being said, we have put together a detailed pricing guide for our wedding photography, family stories, and birth photography which answer the questions even more in-depth than they do on here including “what’s included in the price”. No matter the session, though, we always provide you with digital images and a print release.

Do you two always work together?
Yes and no. We sit next to each other 10 hours a day in our office responding to emails, editing images, marketing, and updating our blog. When it comes to actually photographing, though, it might be John and Cate, John and a super-awesome assistant, or just Cate. If we are photographing your engagement session we try our best to send you dates when both John and Cate are available, but when it comes to your wedding day, John will be your guy! Sometimes Cate is photographing a birth story or working an event with The Photo Bus, so unless specifically requested there’s a possibility she won’t be there… but have no fear, Calvin (our primary second photographer) rocks. He studied commercial photography in the same studio as John and they talk all day long without talking. Seriously, it’s true. It’s like they can read each others’ minds or something. Then, when it comes to family photography or birth stories, Cate’s your gal! If it’s a family session John might show up for a bit to help get the kids to laugh, and if it’s a birth story we are photographing there actually is no “we”- it’s JUST Cate.

I want Cate to photograph my birth story- what happens if she has something else on the calendar?
When Cate meets with you to talk about photographing your birth story, she’ll let you know up front what events she already has on the calendar that she can’t get out of, such as weddings she’s been requested to photograph, or being out of town. She will have a backup photographer (discussed beforehand) on call just in case you happen to go in to labor when she’s unavailable. But, once your deposit is paid, she will not schedule any more events around your due date which cannot be re-arranged.

Do you include the digital images?
Yes. We always include the digital images with the print release at no additional charge no matter what type of photography we do for you. We’ll even recommend super awesome printing labs for you!

Do you travel for photography?
YES YES YES! One of the topics of conversation which brought us together was travel. We love it. Cate spent 2 years in the Peace Corps in Eastern Europe (I’d say Moldova, but most Americans haven’t heard of it!) and we try to go on a few trips a year, whether they’re to photograph a wedding, visit family, or exploring a new location. Internationally, John (and sometimes Cate!) has photographed weddings…
St. Barths, French West Indies
Rocky Point (Puerto Peñasco), Mexico
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
London, England

and Nationally:
all over Kansas, Missouri, and Ohio
Ft. Collins, CO
Seattle, WA
Las Vegas, NV
Des Moines, IA
Gulf Shores, AL
Yellowstone National Park
Napa, CA

Do you blog every photo session you do?
We SO wish we did because everyone is awesome. However, getting photos to you and other clients during a super busy time is more of a priority than taking half a work day to put together a blog post. However, it’s a great way to show your friends and family the photos so let us know if you’d prefer it and we can put it at the top of the list :)

Do we have to order prints through you?
Absolutely not, especially since we give you a print release with every session. However, if you’d prefer professional prints, canvases, or products instead of something we’re happy to accommodate your request or point you to a company we trust (hint: it’s not Walmart, Target, or Walgreens).

More questions? Please contact us!