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Lizzy and Bryant | A hot and rainy perfect backyard wedding

When John arrived in what seemed like the middle of nowhere Missouri, he wasn’t quite sure what to expect. First of all, the GPS took him to the wrong location and when he finally arrived where he needed to be his cell phone didn’t work. Oh, and it was over 100 degrees and a huge rain storm was on the way- and there was no Plan B.

Everything, somehow, seemed to fall in to place once the day got started. Lizzy and Bryant were so laid back and they didn’t let the heat or the threat of rain ruin the day they’d planned to spend with their closet family members and friends celebrating their marriage. The heat was there, the rain showed up, the rain went away and guests planted wildflower seeds, and then the rain came back full force with lighting and thunder… but no one seemed to worry because they were all together, dancing the night away.

Lizzy and Bryant put their hearts in to every little detail of the wedding and nothing went unnoticed. She handpainted the signs, directing guests where to go. They organized yard games for the guests to play while they were going around the property taking photos. They gave guests wildflower seeds to plant so they have a garden on the property to remember the day. She worked with her family to make all of the pies they shared with their guests at the reception, and they changed out of their wedding clothes because it was so dang hot… and it’s who they are. This entire wedding was about them- and it was beautiful, perfect, and inspiring. (True story: John came home and said I REMEMBER NOW! I REMEMBER WHY I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHING WEDDINGS! THIS IS WHY! I CAN’T WAIT TO MARRY YOU! <– Ok, I added the last part. But we all know he was thinking it.)










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