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Every Tuesday night a group of friends gets together for what we now call #neighbornights and we’ve been doing this for almost 2 years now. It started by accident when a landlord in our boho downtown neighborhood (the Kansas City River Market) bought a grill which prompted neighbors bringing their own things to grill and drinks to share. Eventually we picked a date so everyone would know to plan around it because we loved it so much which is why we are now “Tuesday people”.
Once the weather starts to turn colder we either go out to eat as a group (usually Mexican) or someone hosts in their loft. Anyways, some time last year we’d been spending a lot more time than usual with our friends Liz and Tanner for no reason other than we really, really like them. Our meetings usually involve coffee or fun alcoholic drinks (because we’re grown ups and we like coffee and tasty grown up drinks!) but Liz had been turning down drinks because she was all congested and didn’t feel well. Well, one neighbor night out she turned down a drink and our good friend Ali (who has a super cool food blog… side note!) casually said, “You’re not pregnant are you?” Being a young and primarily married group of friends, this wasn’t an uncommon “joke” to throw out on the table, but for some reason we all stopped talking and looked at Liz who then said, “Guys, we weren’t going to tell you yet because it’s so early… but we’re having a baby!” WOOOOAH. This ch-ch-ch-change also meant our closest friends were going to move out of their perfect loft to the Lee’s Summit ‘burbs to have more space and so they could open a super cool coffee shop.If you don’t know us personally or you don’t follow us on Instagram, you might not know our dog’s name is Charlotte, and we call her #CharlotteTheHipsterDog. One day Tanner came up to us and said, “Uh, guys? How would you feel if we named our baby girl Charlotte. Not really after the Hipster dog, of course, I mean… she’s pretty awesome… but because it’s the only name we both agree on.” From that point forward we knew she was going to forever be #CharlotteTheHipsterBaby.
As hard as I tried to get Liz to agree to have me photograph baby Charlotte’s birth, she wasn’t digging the idea. Birth photography isn’t for everyone which I totally respect. What she did want photographed, though, was when their family arrived to meet baby Charlotte for the first time, which is now what I call a “Family Session” with my Birth story pricing.
Tanner text me at 4 saying she was born, so come over any time… but it wasn’t until 7 before we were allowed in the room which meant lots of family bonding time in the waiting room at Shawnee Mission Medical Center! The cell phones weren’t working and the pizza Liz’s dad brought over because Tanner was hungry was getting cold, so every time the door would open everyone would look over… “Is it him? Tanner?”  When I was finally able to go in the room, it was SO special for me to be there to capture the first time her grandparents saw her and held her, the first time Tanner’s brother ever held a baby, and their first family photo.
Birth is amazing. Every single part of it. (At least I think so!)
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When John arrived in what seemed like the middle of nowhere Missouri, he wasn’t quite sure what to expect. First of all, the GPS took him to the wrong location and when he finally arrived where he needed to be his cell phone didn’t work. Oh, and it was over 100 degrees and a huge rain storm was on the way- and there was no Plan B.

Everything, somehow, seemed to fall in to place once the day got started. Lizzy and Bryant were so laid back and they didn’t let the heat or the threat of rain ruin the day they’d planned to spend with their closet family members and friends celebrating their marriage. The heat was there, the rain showed up, the rain went away and guests planted wildflower seeds, and then the rain came back full force with lighting and thunder… but no one seemed to worry because they were all together, dancing the night away.

Lizzy and Bryant put their hearts in to every little detail of the wedding and nothing went unnoticed. She handpainted the signs, directing guests where to go. They organized yard games for the guests to play while they were going around the property taking photos. They gave guests wildflower seeds to plant so they have a garden on the property to remember the day. She worked with her family to make all of the pies they shared with their guests at the reception, and they changed out of their wedding clothes because it was so dang hot… and it’s who they are. This entire wedding was about them- and it was beautiful, perfect, and inspiring. (True story: John came home and said I REMEMBER NOW! I REMEMBER WHY I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHING WEDDINGS! THIS IS WHY! I CAN’T WAIT TO MARRY YOU! <– Ok, I added the last part. But we all know he was thinking it.)

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We thought we first met Bob online when he sent us an enthusiastic email about wanting to propose to the most beautiful girl in the world. Actually, he said it better:

Morning John and Cate,
The photo bus is such an awesome idea! I ran into you guys on one of the first “First Fridays” you had the bus. I jumped in the back seat with my girlfriend and we snapped a few pictures. They’re still hanging on our fridge today.
Long story short; I’m ready to ask that same girlfriend to marry me. I got the ring yesterday and have have thought of about a million ways to ask. I thought about hanging on to it until the weather gets nicer, but there is no way I’m going to be able to wait that long. I’m way too excited.

So we have this tradition where we try to go to a different coffee house every Sunday morning. One of my favorites is Quay, but we haven’t been able to go there together. I was thinking about taking her there for a coffee one weekend morning and proposing outside. There is a bench on the NW corner of Delaware and 5th. I thought it would be nice to do it there.

I think she would like the have a picture or two of when I ask. I looked up photographers in the area and it said you guys are down the street. Would it be possible for you guys to candidly snap a few shots?
We usually go on Sundays around 9-9:30. I was thinking about maybe going all out and doing it this Monday because we both have the day off, but that might be moving a little too fast! We’re out of town the 22nd-23rd. Maybe March 2nd?
Are you available? I totally understand if you all are booked! Not much heads up on my end.
Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Here we are in the bus!

-Bob (and he left his phone number but you don’t need that).

UM. YES. We totally wanted to photograph their proposal. And we did, only after 2 failed attempts because Lacey was sick on the original day and then we had the ginormous snowmagadden and then the ring was burning a hole in Bob’s pocket but we got it!

Then Lacey asked if we could photograph their wedding. Again, UM. YES. So we did, and you can see the photos below.

It was a perfect day for a wedding at The Foundation in the Kansas City West Bottoms. The Photo Bus (our photo booth in a VW bus!) was perfect at this location and the guests had so much fun (see for yourself in the photos here!)
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