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About John and Cate


We are John and Cate, the faces behind DEPRISCO PHOTO.

John is highly educated in photojournalism and lighting, and Cate’s got an eye and instinct for moments. He’s taught her more about the technical side of photography, and she’s taught him about watching faces for emotion. Combined, we make a great team and we work together to make beautiful portraits of your family to tell a story, whether it’s your birth, your little ones, or your wedding day. Sometimes we pose you and sometimes we let the moments happen, but no matter what we like to keep our photo sessions simple and laid back… just like us.

Our story is short and simple. We met at an event with The Photo Bus, and Cate ignored John. Then John ignored Cate. Then Cate ignored John… again. And, finally, we stopped ignoring each other and had coffee at Quay Coffee. A few weeks later we were in love, a few days after that he was in love with CharlotteTheHipsterDog, by month 6 Cate had quit her full time job to work with John full time with photography and The Photo Bus, by month 10 we were engaged, and now we’re married! (And now only minus 7, if you don’t count The Hipster Dog). We love our (almost every) morning coffee dates, cooking, weekly neighbor nights, traveling, and being with our family. No matter how photography first crossed our paths it’s ultimately what brought us together and we love what we do!

While we office out of our studio in the River Market in downtown Kansas City, we travel around the world for photography.

Oh, you want to contact us? AWESOME! Here’s how:

Phone: 816-200-0084
In person or snail mail:
2115 Holly Street
Kansas City, MO 64108


Cate’s on Instagram! @wherescate @instabirthstory | John’s on Instagram! @jdeprisco @thephotobuskc